REASON #1: A supervisor who understands you and has your back

At Smart Resources…

  • Feel appreciated and welcomed from day 1
  • Discover what it’s like to feel like family
  • Immediately start building relationships with managers.
  • Experience the respect you deserve as a human being.
  • Enjoy the rare phenomenon of being supported, comfortable, and thriving

As a job-seeker looking to get back into the workforce, the last thing you want is another supervisor who doesn’t understand or undervalues your hard work.

What is it like to work as an associate for Smart Resources? 

First, you will not feel like you are a drone in the midst of a vast hive with a distant, unreachable “king or queen bee.”  Instead, you’ll discover how much your floor manager wants you to succeed and all the different ways he or she will use to help you get where you want to be—not just in the job, but in your career.

On your first day, you will start to feel like you can relax. You’ll finally be involved with a company that values you, for real. You don’t want to be just another temp. You want to be an associate, respected as someone unique and important who is spending your most valuable asset, your time. You deserve a rewarding reciprocal relationship with the people you directly report to. You already know it’s rare to find a supervisor who offers their time and spends it with you as genuinely and respectfully as you offer it to them. At Smart Resources, we breed this kind of rare supervisor.

“I like how they treat me like family. My supervisor is a beast at what he does—if you need help with something, he will try whatever he can do to help and make sure that you’re okay and satisfied with the decision you have made. ”

~ Jazmine T.

We’re hiring in Utah, Georgia, Texas, Minnesota, and possibly other states.