Satisfying Long-Term Work With Smart Resources™

Long-term labor work available with Smart Resources™ comes with competitive wages and benefits. We also give you the tools to move up.

Smart Resources™ Offer on-Term Employment

Individuals dissatisfied with their current job or looking for long-term employment will get better wages, benefits, and upward mobility with Smart Resources™. Don't settle for less with traditional labor staffing agencies. We invest in your success, and companies ready to hire are willing to pay more for the employees we bring them. Our system is the first of its kind in the nation, not only filling long-term staffing needs as is done by typical labor job contractors but finding solutions to maximize the productivity and profitability of our partners. And those solutions start with you – get what you're worth and apply at Smart Resources™ today.

Smart Resources™ Helps You Move Forward

The traditional duty of a staffing broker doesn't help the companies that hire them or you. Smart Resources™ found a better solution by investing in our employees' success. Smart Resources™ is growing fast because of our system, and we're always ready to hire for numerous open labor jobs. But you won't be dropped off at a warehouse or factory unprepared. We have programs to give you a competitive edge in the workforce, with training and education that will provide you with the tools to move forward – whether you stick with Smart Resources™ or search for labor work available alone.

Smart Resources

We are an employer of choice, partnering with employers of choice. We are the leader in human capital solutions through customer alignment, innovation, and performance. We understand how our clients see value, we align to that and communicate and deliver value as they see it.

Our values
  • Trustworthy
  • Quality Relationships
  • Progression
  • Deliver Results
  • Hard Work

Open Labor Jobs Are Available

Smart Resources™ always has open labor jobs available to motivated people. We have long-term staffing orders currently in these positions:

  • Forklift Operator
  • Order Picker
  • Production Worker
  • Warehouse Associate – Picking and Packing

The partnerships we're building at Smart Resources™ are expanding across the country. The companies ready to hire you are located in:

  • Texas
  • Utah
  • Minnesota
  • Georgia
  • And more!

Are you currently looking for work?

Benefits of Smart Resources™ - Smart University

Smart University is precisely the kind of resource you need to stand out as ready to hire and ready to advance in your career. The program is free to all of our employees and associates. Here you'll find valuable skills training and certification in things that the best companies ready to hire will notice. To find long-term staffing with companies ready to hire, you need a competitive edge with better skills training. Smart University is a free and fast way to move up once employed.

  • Fork Lift Operation
  • Customer Service
  • Human Resources
  • Lean Six Sigma
  • Sales
  • And much more…

Customer-Driven Process

Smart Resources™ offers more than just workers. We provide strategic labor solutions that improve your capabilities and maximize your revenue because we reduce your outsourced staffing costs. Our vetting and training process ensures a viable workforce from day one and minimizes employee turnover. Another benefit Smart Resources™ provides is on-site strategists, who allow you to implement best practices.


We perform a comprehensive audit of your operations to understand your needs and create a viable plan that allows us to move forward.


We present our recommendations and offerings, then agree to services and sign.


Selective hiring and thorough training ensure a stable labor force.


Our on-site strategist keeps all the parts moving smoothly.

Join A Work Culture That Values You

Labor work available through Smart Resources™ has another benefit. When you work for us, you'll be a part of a work culture that values you as a team member. If you're dissatisfied with your current work community or are looking for a company that cares about you for a change, just ask anyone who worked for us about the difference at Smart Resources™.
Smart Resources™ wants all of our employees and associates to feel valued. In-fighting and a work culture based on politics is a hindrance to productivity.

We go the extra mile in ensuring our long-term staff is appreciated for their accomplishments.
You have the opportunity to move up with Smart Resources™ – something challenging to do at typical labor staffing agencies. We also put a lot of work in to match you with the position and company right for your skills. Your success is how Smart Resources™ succeeds, and you'll find working for us to be refreshing and satisfying.

Get the Labor Force You Need

If your business relies on outsourced labor and you're not working with Smart Resources™, you are probably losing money. We are the solution you need to ensure your workforce is ready to take on the work you have for the duration of the time you need. From hiring to training and managing, our people become your teams to fulfill your deliverables. Contact us today to learn more.