Smart Resources™

Transform your productivity with a full operations audit from Smart Resources™. We are your partners in your business success, and maximize the effectiveness of the stable workforce we provide by finding solutions to your productivity, efficiency, and potential for growth.

Better Staffing Starts With a Higher Caliber Work Force

Smart Resources™ is more than a staffing agency. We're partners in your business success, maximizing the effectiveness of the stable workforce we provide by finding solutions to your productivity, efficiency, and potential for growth. With a Strategic Site Evaluation, we'll assess the current systems and processes to discover possible improvements to strengthen your bottom line.

What Makes Smart Resources™ the Best Staffing Agency?

14 Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are used in our audit of your operations. Cost per Unit, defect ratio, turnover, and eleven other KPIs dramatically impact the bottom line. You can think of them as targets to aim for in moving your business forward at the strategic level. Teams work better when they know what is essential and have the training/tools to achieve the company's overall goals.
Poor performance on the warehouse or factory floor is a waste of money and what you can expect when hiring an ordinary staffing agency. You can move away from that cycle of waste with solutions that address every issue associated with staffing, not just shortages.

Cost per Unit

The Cost per Unit is how much it costs your business to get a product out of the door and in the hands of the end consumer. Cost per Unit directly affects the bottom line, and we are as focused you your profit and loss as you are. No business strategy can be developed or implemented – whether the operations are in picking, manufacturing, or logistics – without knowing how much it costs to produce a defined product and get it out into the market.

Defect Ratio

Defect Ratio is the output percentage that falls outside the quality target. Also known as Error Rate, it measures returned products and eats away at the bottom line. Smart Resources™ analyses this important KPI and provides training solutions for a workforce with fewer mistakes.

Safety Analysis

The well-being of employees is valuable on a humanistic level but also plays a big part in the successful execution of business strategies. A detailed Strategic Site Evaluation wouldn't be complete without analyzing safety protocols and high-traffic areas where slips, trips, and falls are more likely to occur. Litigations, regulations, and a healthy workforce all play a large part in strengthening the bottom line.


Overtime is traditionally seen as an evil to be avoided in business, but there is a way to use it to your advantage. Your partners at Smart Resources™ will help you to evaluate when it's in your best interest to allow your most productive workers to get overtime when necessary. Sometimes overtime is less impactful on Cost per Unit than it would be to flood the floor with less productive employees.

Yield loss

Yield Loss is typically the material waste on a factory or plant floor. Eliminating waste or possibly recycling it back into product manufacturing are excellent ways to lower Costs per Unit.

Partner with Smart Resources™ for Profitable Productivity and use new insights gleaned from our Strategic Site Evaluation of your operations. Below is an example of five KPIs Smart Resources™ will investigate to find empowering solutions for your strategic business goals.

Smart Resources™ is more than just a staffing agency. We audit operations and analyze Key Performace Indicators to provide staffing solutions that don't just fill in shortages but also boost standards and efficiency. Don't fall into the money pit of the broken staffing industry. By partnering with Smart Resources™, you'll find meaningful solutions that empower you to work smarter, not harder.
We are your staffing agency with factual and reliable answers. We provide strategies that solve the issues your company faces regarding employee retention, and quality of work standards. Smart Resources™ began as a 3PL company, so we have already overcome the challenges for you.