Smart Companies Work Together

Smart Resources™ deliver on the promises of keeping you staffed at 100% capacity. We work with our affiliate companies ensuring that we are recruiting the best people, up-training them to increase their abilities and pairing them with the best companies.

We Pay Attention To Our Customers’ Needs

Employing a reliable workforce is a challenge every company faces at one time or another. Fortunately, you can eliminate this problem when you work with Smart Resources™. We create the workforce you need, lowering your operations' costs while increasing your profits. You don't have to worry about high employee turnover because our teams are curated to fit your field, ensuring your company is functioning optimally.

Our Smart Resources™ Affiliate Companies

Each of our affiliates specializes in different aspects of the 3LP industry, enabling each company to excel in its field. What that means for you as a Smart Resources™ customer is that you are hiring a tailor-made workforce.

Smart Search - Recruiting is Branding

Make better people decisions through Smart Search and transform you productivity and retention.

Smart Search is your recruitment department

We are complete on-demand hiring solutions for companies that need a viable workforce. We help you dramatically reduce cost per hire, time to hire, and time to fill because we track, measure, and report on recruiting metrics to minimize attrition.
What if you could guarantee you and your hiring managers are hiring the right candidates?

What if I told you that the way in which you ask questions, and the process in which you set up the steps for selection could improve your quality of hire by 70%?

We have a unique and targeted methodology for hiring that leads the industry in quality placements. We are so confident in our process we put a 100% money back guarantee behind our service. We do this because we know when we partner with a company and they implement our process, they will never go back to traditional recruiting.


  • Sourcing- Finding great candidates is about consistent effort, and building candidate pools. This allows you to know the market. We build talent pools for our clients so we never get caught flat footed.
  • Craft Candidate Experience - Candidate experience is all about better alignment and performance track record. Let us show you how to transform your talent through talent branding!
  • Director Levle Vision - Planning for success includes 12 month rolling forecast and having strong key outcome plans for each role. We track, measure, and plan for your success.

Smart Trades - Guaranteed

SmartTrades is focused on you—your productivity, cost, safety, schedule, and, most importantly, your profitability. We’re not interested in just putting people to work, but in helping you succeed.

Smart Trades - Your Powerhouse of People

SmartTrades focuses on your productivity, cost, safety, schedule, and most importantly, profitability. We’re not interested in just putting people to work but in helping you succeed. We’re so confident in our people that we guarantee your satisfaction. Test any SmartTrades worker for up to eight hours. If they don’t meet your expectations, there’s no charge.

All SmartTrades workers have completed a comprehensive safety orientation, passed a safety quiz, and have the necessary PPE for the job. We can assess your site and our risk professionals can provide a written plan, if needed. We can recommend adjustments to current safety practices and even provide training to your staff. We make your life easier, safer and less risky by being your outsourced safety and risk partner.


  • Smart Recruiting - We source quality workers through state-of-the-art online outreach and industry networking events.
  • Smart Pre-screening - Every SmartTrades worker has been E-verified, given a 10-panel drug screen and criminal background check. Previous employment references are checked, appropriate on-line skills testing is successfully completed and professional licenses verified.
  • Clear Certification Criteria - In addition, SmartTrades Certified workers will have the appropriate skills, tools, transportation and certifications, like OSHA and CPR, necessary for a variety of jobs.

Smart Gigs

Smart Gigs helps employers connect with workers immediately. If you are in a ready-to-hire situation, we can help you find people to handle the work, regardless of the job type. Smart Resources™ targets individuals we know will make good employees, no matter the industry.

A Good Match from the start

Our vetting process ensures that each person we bring in adheres to our protocol, making them a sure-fire option for your team. We do this because we know that when we partner with a company and source their teams from us, they will never go back to traditional recruiting.

We promote opportunities for companies and for workers where we significantly impact lives and add value to organizations. Smart Gigs is the speedy approach to finding ready-to-hire workers with little effort on your part because they have our stamp of approval.


  • New workers have passed our vetting process and have completed our training programs.
  • We source quality workers through proven outreach and industry networking events.
  • Smart Gigs is a quick process, easily accessible online.
  • New workers are better aligned with a top performance track record.