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Are you looking for work? Smart Resources™ is more than a staffing agency – we invest in your success with better wages, benefits, and training

Smart Resources™ Knows You Are Worth More

Are you seeking work? Are you dissatisfied with your current work or company? Today is a great time for workers to demand more from their employers. No other time has the competition shifted towards the company’s end to attract and retain talented, motivated individuals. You’re in high demand but need the resources to get the higher wages, benefits, and skills training you deserve. 

Many companies are ready to hire and often turn to a labor force agency to fill their staffing needs. But these agencies are nothing else but staffing brokers, hiring any "warm body" they can to fill labor shortages. They'll throw you in without preparation and with a lower wage than the job warrants. Smart Resources™ is more than just a staffing broker. We invest in your training and skills and give you the higher wages and benefits you're worth. Get smart and take advantage of today's labor market with a labor force agency+ that rewards your value

How Can Smart Resources™ Help?

The typical labor staffing agencies out there only ask, are you seeking work? Smart Resources™ wants to know, are you ready for a meaningful change in what you get out of work? We partner with companies with open labor work that want to see the same changes. We provide companies ready to hire with more than warm bodies to fill their warehouse floors, finding them solutions that strengthen their bottom line. And it all starts with you.

How Can Smart Resources™ Help Me Get A Job?

Smart University

One of the reasons Smart Resources™ separates traditional labor staffing agencies is our programs that invest in your skills. Smart University is free to all of our labor job employees and is full of great resources to provide you with certifications and training that will make you stand out in the eyes of companies ready to hire. Whether you stay with Smart Resources™, go to another labor force agency, or apply to companies hiring for work on your own, what you gain at Smart University will boost your competitiveness in the workforce.

Our values
  • Six Sigma
  • Sales
  • Safety
  • Customer Service
  • Leadership Development
  • Human Resources
  • Forklift Certifications

Get A Job With Staffing Solutions Suited To Your Skills

Your goal of reaching your highest potential is also our goal. If you are dissatisfied with your current labor job because there is no upward mobility, it’s time to apply at Smart Resources™. Your talent and hard work are all that are necessary to move forward. We reward what you put into the job, and your new workplace culture will be free from in-fighting or politics.

Are you currently looking for work?

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  • Forklift Operator/Order Picker
  • Warehouse Associate – Picking and Packing
  • Production Worker

Job Seekers Apply Now

Smart Resources™ is more than a staff sourcing agency, and our programs are the first of their kind in the country. We have formed partnerships with some of the best companies and are continuously growing. There is always open labor work available for great employees in many areas.

Customer-Driven Process

Smart Resources™ offers more than just workers. We provide strategic labor solutions that improve your capabilities and maximize your revenue because we reduce your outsourced staffing costs. Our vetting and training process ensures a viable workforce from day one and minimizes employee turnover. Another benefit Smart Resources™ provides is on-site strategists, who allow you to implement best practices.


We perform a comprehensive audit of your operations to understand your needs and create a viable plan that allows us to move forward.


We present our recommendations and offerings, then agree to services and sign.


Selective hiring and thorough training ensure a stable labor force.


Our on-site strategist keeps all the parts moving smoothly.

Feel Valued At Work

In addition to better wages, benefits, and training resources, you can expect to feel valued for what you bring to the team when you work with Smart Resources™. Our employees always talk about how their new work environment with us includes:
Managers and other advocates that sing your praises and ensure you’re well provided for
Several companies to work for that increase your professional network and expose you to enhanced skills acquisition
Team members and management that treat you like family
A safe environment to work with reduced chances of accidents
You have every reason to feel valued at our labor sourcing agency. We invest in your professional development, and that makes your value as an employee go up.

Companies ready to hire value you more and are willing to pay the higher wages and benefits we demand. 
If unsatisfied with your current labor job, it’s time to start getting more for your time and efforts. Smart Resources™ provides you with all of the tools you need to be prepared to succeed on the first day of employment with us. 
With Smart Resources™, you’ll find fulfilling and satisfying work on every level. We strive hard to create an open and positive work culture based on appreciation and respect. Your accomplishments and improvements never go unnoticed, and we hear all of our employees’ voices. You will have a dedicated manager on the floor who cares about your success. We’re invested in your success, too, and encourage you to reach out if there is anything you need or feel is lacking.

Get the Labor Force You Need

If your business relies on outsourced labor and you're not working with Smart Resources™, you are probably losing money. We are the solution you need to ensure your workforce is ready to take on the work you have for the duration of the time you need. From hiring to training and managing, our people become your teams to fulfill your deliverables. Contact us today to learn more.