Smart Resources™ Is More Than A Short-Term Labor Staffing Agency

Smart Resources™ has developed short-term labor staffing solutions that will boost the productivity and profitability of your organization. Partner with Smart Resources™, and we’ll exceed what you thought was possible.

Trust Smart Resources™ To Supply Your Labor Workers

Smart Resources™ is a partner that provides solutions leading to profits, not just temporary labor staffing. We’re more than a staffing agency – though we perform the essential duties of one, ensuring you are always at 100% capacity. But that simple one-off service model has repeatedly failed to produce the meaningful results businesses need to move forward. 

You need more than “warm bodies” to lower your Cost per Unit and strengthen the bottom line. Smart Resources™ is the only interum labor agency that realizes our success is tied to yours and has developed the framework to give you those results. Don’t fall into the money pit of inefficient and ineffective short-term labor staffing. Partner with Smart Resources™, and we’ll excel for you.

Why Is Temporary Labor Not Enough?

Temporary labor for hire as a solution to staff shortages and as a business model for staffing agencies is inadequate for the demands of the marketplace today. There was a time when droves of skilled laborers and motivated hands had to compete for their place in the workforce. Today, it’s the businesses themselves that must compete for talent. It’s a change in dynamics that have had a drastic impact on both sides of the equation.

Smart Resources

We are an employer of choice, partnering with employers of choice. We are the leader in human capital solutions through customer alignment, innovation, and performance. We understand how our clients see value, we align to that and communicate and deliver value as they see it.

Our values
  • Trustworthy
  • Quality Relationships
  • Progression
  • Deliver Results
  • Hard Work

A Higher Caliber Of Temporary Labor

Temporary labor for hire needs to be overhauled as a concept. When you outsource your temporary labor staffing to an agency, you’re most likely going to receive one of two types of employees or both: those who do not meet the minimum requirements to perform the work adequately or those only in need of a quick income source. Neither have the incentive to boost your productivity and lower Cost per Unit. You end up losing money by hiring and training these types of temporary laborers, and your bottom line suffers.

A better model would be to search for temporary trained labor for hire or temporary qualified labor for hire. And Smart Resources™ has the system in place to get you the high-caliber temporary labor staffing that will make a difference. We are different from the typical short-term labor staffing agency because we invest in our people. We can get you to full capacity with both temporary trained labor for hire and temporary qualified labor for hire.

Benefits of Smart Resources™ For Interim Staffing

Smart Resources™ performs the duties of a traditional labor staffing agency, filling 100% of your interim or short-term staffing needs and having a dedicated reserve of trained workers for hire in our FlexForce program in case of gaps. But we do so much more than this only. Our short-term staffing is more effective because Smart Resources™ partners with your business to fill immediate needs while lowering your Cost Per Unit, making your workforce more productive and profitable.

  • Achieve daily 100% fill-rate through our FlexForce program
  • Decrease cost per unit using our 14 KPI system
  • Greatly reduce turnover by providing fantastic benefits and compensation
  • Renew workforce confidence with department-specific training
  • Put an end to infighting and behavior issues with guerilla recruiting
  • Revolutionize your productivity and efficiency with an On-Site Strategist

Customer-Driven Process

Smart Resources™ offers more than just workers. We provide strategic labor solutions that improve your capabilities and maximize your revenue because we reduce your outsourced staffing costs. Our vetting and training process ensures a viable workforce from day one and minimizes employee turnover. Another benefit Smart Resources™ provides is on-site strategists, who allow you to implement best practices.


We perform a comprehensive audit of your operations to understand your needs and create a viable plan that allows us to move forward.


We present our recommendations and offerings, then agree to services and sign.


Selective hiring and thorough training ensure a stable labor force.


Our on-site strategist keeps all the parts moving smoothly.

Profitable Productivity

Ready-to-work labor staffing gives temporary employees better quality than the nowhere-else-to-work variety you’d get from a typical staffing agency. There are several programs Smart Resources™ has developed to provide you with a temporary workforce capable of profitable productivity rather than the money drain typically associated with temporary labor for hire. 
Smart Resources™ uses the Guerrilla Recruiting program to attract people who already have jobs in a similar field. These recruits are dedicated, qualified labor for hire who are dissatisfied with their current employment and are “testing the waters” for better opportunities and resources to move forward in their career paths.

Smart Resources™ provides incentives like training modules and certifications through our free Smart University that allows them to strengthen their skills when they begin actively searching for a new employer. 
Our FlexForce program is where more trained labor for hire waits in the wings in case of shortages on any given day. Smart Resources™ provides ready-to-work labor staffing whenever you need it, and we can fill your orders to 100% capacity. With other programs like our 14 KPIs, we can find inefficiencies on your floor and improve them to further stretch the profitable productivity of our short-term labor staffing. 

Get the Labor Force You Need

If your business relies on outsourced labor and you're not working with Smart Resources™, you are probably losing money. We are the solution you need to ensure your workforce is ready to take on the work you have for the duration of the time you need. From hiring to training and managing, our people become your teams to fulfill your deliverables. Contact us today to learn more.