REASON #3: More money & benefits*, even as a temp

At Smart Resources…

  • Don’t become another statistic in the “Turnover Tsunami” that is happening
  • More money comes from free training that upgrades your skills and by sticking around
  • Because you’re treated respectfully, you likely won’t quit after a day or week
  • Avoid the bad boss, bad environment, and poor training that gets you fired
  • Have fulfilment that matters, like purpose, connection, and real impact…instead of trivial perks

“Turnover tsunami” is what workers like you are experiencing in the temp world of warehouse and production. Well, we know what to do about it, and we’ve cracked the code to be able to do something about it! 

Smart Resources works both angles of the game equally, and that’s what sets us apart. While not  told explicitly, you’ve likely sensed from  other agencies that, “We work for the clients.” That is not true with Smart Resources, and that is what we will tell you. We partner with companies, but we also work with you, our vital human resource. 

Benefits like free training, career advocacy, on-site supervisor, and supportive culture all boost monetary and emotional well-being.

*Immediate medical benefits currently available in Utah only

We’re hiring in Utah, Georgia, Texas, Minnesota, and possibly other states.