REASON #2: We help you become full-time to start a career

Becoming a permanent employee through Smart Resources:

  • Convert to full-time at any time (at client discretion), no limit based on hours
  • Avoid working for months, only to be told “maybe”
  • We don’t hold you hostage—we actually want you to get hired by the company
  • Have an advocate who fights for you
  • Show up, learn the job, do the work, follow the rules = high chance to become full-time

When you work with a staffing firm, they may say you have the opportunity to “work for a wide variety of companies” as though that’s the carrot on a stick you are looking for. Of course, it’s not. You don’t want to devote your valuable time “playing the field,” so don’t waste time with staffing agencies who tout that as a benefit they offer. 

What you’re looking for: a real opportunity to land a position that matches your skillset; a process full of carrots you’re actually looking for; a boss who will act as a career advocate; the chance to meet new people and feel like part of a family; and finding out your company cares about you. Warehouse environments can be tough, strict, and impatient. We won’t give up on you easily.

The proof is that as long as you play by a few reasonable rules, Smart Resources’ placement will be simple. After a short time, you could be rolled over to full-time without unwelcome surprises or unpleasant hoops to jump through. And then guess what? It won’t even feel like you were ever temporary because you get treated fairly. From there, the sky’s the limit!

“I have been working with Smart Resources for about a month now in pursuit of finding a full-time opportunity, and they have been extremely helpful. They are very communicative, resourceful, and they genuinely care about finding you employment. I would highly recommend working with them for your next job search! I can’t think of anything negative.”

~ GlassDoor Anonymous Reviewer

We’re hiring in Utah, Georgia, Texas, Minnesota, and possibly other states.