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Many businesses encounter personnel shortages, irrespective of the industry.

Having access to dependable and well-trained workers ensures smooth operations. Smart Resources™ offers professional labor staffing services that empower you to progress rather than scale back.

Who We Are?

Smart Resources™ was developed through finding solutions to the same problems your company faces today. We started as IntegraCore Supply Chain Management – a small, third-party logistics company (3PL) that grew rapidly until the hurdle of labor-management issues began holding us back. Like you and other warehouses, manufacturing, or production companies, we tried to overcome this hurdle by outsourcing to traditional staffing agencies. It turned out to be an ineffective money-pit that only threatened to hinder any further growth.

Many businesses did listen, and Smart Resources™ today is transforming how more companies think about labor management. Our programs are the first of their kind in the country. We have turned the downward spiral of a fluctuating workforce on its head. We’re much more than a staffing agency.

Multiple Industries. One Family of Staffing Solutions.

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Explore our innovative solutions for top talent, dream jobs, and specialized staffing. Reach out now and embark on a journey of growth with us!

Customer-Driven Process

Smart Resources™ offers more than just workers. We provide strategic labor solutions that improve your capabilities and maximize your revenue because we reduce your outsourced staffing costs. Our vetting and training process ensures a viable workforce from day one and minimizes employee turnover. Another benefit Smart Resources™ provides is on-site strategists, who allow you to implement best practices.


We perform a comprehensive audit of your operations to understand your needs and create a viable plan that allows us to move forward.


We present our recommendations and offerings, then agree to services and sign.


Selective hiring and thorough training ensure a stable labor force.


Our on-site strategist keeps all the parts moving smoothly.

We practice what we preach

At Smart Resources, we prioritize people development and business solutions, ensuring our staff is treated in accordance with our core values. We walk the talk, delivering on our promises every step of the way.


Smart Resources = A Smart Hire

The workplace is changing: workers are demanding more options, and new technology allows employees to stay more connected. At the same time, it is becoming increasingly difficult to recruit workers with the necessary abilities.

We can put all of our skills and expertise to work for you, whether you require a few workers for a short-term construction project or thousands of permanent employment around the country.

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