The right puzzle piece – fit

If your 3PL is outsourcing its labor needs to staffing agencies, the truth is you’re losing money unnecessarily. The experts at Smart Solutions can show you exactly how, but before you talk to them, I want you to consider an analogy:

Every New Year’s, my family breaks out a jigsaw puzzle, something large enough to take up the living room table, with enough pieces to keep us occupied for a few hours. Once, as a kid, I got stuck in an area of the puzzle where the picture was all the same color, all blue sky.

What you get vs what you need

The world of the 3PL is dynamic. Employment needs fluctuate week-to-week, even day-to-day with spikes and dips in client orders.

All that variation translates directly to outsourced labor needs, but have those needs actually been getting filled from the staffing agencies you’re paying to do the job? In other words, is what you need the same as what you’re getting?