Take What You Can Get… But Get More

Here’s a not-so-secret secret for your 3rd-Party Logistics Company: there will always come a point in business where you have to take what you can get.

That goes for the rest of life, too, like when you’re at your favorite restaurant and you try to order the fish but they’re out of fish so now you have to choose between beef or chicken even though you’re sure the table next to you ordered fish and really how likely is it that they took the very last fish in the place and—you know what, let’s just stick to your business.

The Failure of the Staffing Industry

David Newman was an executive at a prominent staffing agency for ten years before he joined Smart Solutions. During those years he worked to improve their recruiting and placement process, their relationships with clients, and the general culture of the staffing industry. By the time he was ready to leave he had come to one conclusion:

Staffing agencies have failed.